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JR's Postcards 'n Things
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How to Order:

1 - Write down the #'s and price of the cards that you are interested in. Email me that information and I will reply with a total and instructions on payment.

2 - I ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail.  Feel free to combine items to save on postage.

3 - Have Fun. Stop back.!!!

4 - Feel free to email me with any questions.


HERSHEY'S Office Candy



#oh19, [Cleveland] Aerial View, Notre Dame College for Women. Chrome. Euclid Studios/Dexter Press 89644-B. Unused. EX+ with slight corner wear.  $3.50

#oh09, [Columbus] Shows Statue of Schiller. Early divided back, C. G. Richey, Used, pm1907. VG+ with some corner wear.  $3.50

#oh18, [Columbus] Shows Multi-view of Columbus. Linen. W.E. Ayers/Curteich A31. Used, pm  1948. EX+ with slight corner wear.  $5.00

#oh07, [Garrettsville] "Cascade Falls, Nelson Ledges P.O. Garretsville O."  White Border, F. H. Pierce's Book Store/Commercial Colortype, GD+ with some rounding of the corners.  $1.50

#oh16, [Hillsboro] "Holladay Tourist Home   323 N. High Street  Hillsboro, Ohio""  printed photo, Henry Ahrens/Dexter Press  36209, Unused, EX+ with slight corner wear.  $4.50 (x2)

#oh13, [Huron] Showboat  Pier 1.  Chrome, Rich-Holt/Dexter Press 93959-C. EX+ with sharp corners.  $5.00

#oh17, [Massillon] Mills Motel. Chrome. Bebout & Downs/Curteich  9C-K2622, Unused, EX+ with very slight corner wear.  $3.50

#oh08, [Payne] "Merrin St. Looking East"  Early dirt street scene, Weixelbaum Bros. Series 99, Used pm 1910, VG++ with slight rounding of the corners.  $5.50 [Street Scene]

#oh12, [Sidney] "Shelby County Infirmary, Sidney, O."  Early divided Back, Rotograph  E1999a, Used, pm 1908. EX with corner wear.  $5.00

#oh14, [Springfield] "Rickly Memorial Hospital. Masonic Home. Springfield, Ohio    109231" Early Era. I. Robins and Son/C. T. American, VG+ with some corner wear and postal ink on face. $2.50

#oh11, [Turnpike] "Greetings from the Ohio Turnpike" Chrome. Indiana-Ohio Postcard Co./Colourpicture, VG+ with Slight corner wear. $3.50

I have a large inventory of postcards so if you would like anything special,  e-mail me and let me know.

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